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The Demise of Print– A Good Thing?

Keen posted about death of the American newspaper today.  What he had to say about is less relevant than what it got me thinking about– I tried to think though what it would be like if the Journal-Sentinel here in Milwaukee were to go under.  What would happen to daily news, and how would the […]

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Learning to Talk

There is a piece today on the Wired How-To Wiki about making small talk, i.e., how it is done. I don’t know if forgetting how to interact with others verbally is a creeping social problem related to our immersion in online, written (or at least, non-personal) communication forms, or if it is a long-standing problem […]

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Podcast #9: The Index Card Edition

This week, Kyle and I tried out a new format– three topics, five minutes each.  The result is a relatively concise and compact show that hits on these topics: Andrew Keen wrote a piece a couple weeks ago about what the folks studying the humanities at universities need to do to stay relevant in a […]