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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #145: The Provisos

We open with a little discussion of the World Series as it opened on Wednesday night, explaining to Joe how he’ll be able to tell the teams apart. After that, Josh breaks down the Bears-Lions tilt from this past Monday, while Joe and I ignore him.  The resident Packers fans were satisfied with the weekend’s […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #99: Everyone’s a Captain Kirk

[youtube http://youtu.be/hC-I1DMo5EA] On this, our 99th show, I open with a detailed description of my karaoke outing from last week.  I felt you all should know. We also chat just a little about Google’s new Chromebook before getting into startling detail about the second episode from this season’s Walking Dead, and some unexpected developments on Homeland. […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #98: Shuffling Back to You

[youtube http://youtu.be/d0UZiocGhnI] Big doings on this week’s show?  The Walking Dead is finally back!  The TV show that I’d have to say has the greatest devotion from both of us right now returned to the air on AMC this past Sunday.  Looks like Rick and the rest of the survivors are in for some exciting new challenges […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #97: Can’t Forgive Affleck

[youtube http://youtu.be/QRKv8Tt1sEo] On this week’s show we talk a little about getting ready for the Walking Dead premiere, review the week’s episode of Homeland, get some bad news from Bryan about one of our favorite TV shows, take a listen to the new Green Day album, and I offer Bryan a few ideas for scratching his […]