Bocko and BryGuy November 30, 2012 Jason Bock One comment

Bocko & BryGuy #103: A Whole New Level of Dickness

[youtube] After a week off for the Thanksgiving holiday, Bryan and I have two weeks of Walking Dead excitement to catch up on. Bryan also shares his reactions to Skyfall and has a resounding endorsement for Life of Pi.  We’ve got a boatload of holiday movie previews to tell you about as well… You get the frontsell for our […]

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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #150: Wicked Dreams

You can’t open a show with more excitement than a semi-conscious description of  Josh’s dream about getting driven around Eagle River by Lorch’s mom. If you can’t believe that fantastical dreamscape, you’ll be floored by the Chicago Cubs’ hiring of Rob Deer–he of the .220 lifetime average–as a hitting coach.  Hey, why not? We get […]

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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #148: Jaguar Trap

We open this week’s show with a quick catch-up on the MLB individual season awards hardware and how that’s all shaking out.  I correctly chose R.A. Dickey for the NL Cy Young (although pretty much any moron who has watched SportsCenter in the last six months could have done that), and tonight we’ll see if […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #102: “Are You Here, Dad?”

[youtube] Bryan and I debrief on something of a slower week in our favorite TV dramas — both Walking Dead and Homeland were a bit off their earlier-season pace, but we appreciated certain things about both.  We discuss some of the differences between the TV- and comic-versions of the Dead‘s Governor, and what makes each version of the character unique. […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #101: Sweet Delicious Butter

[youtube] This week on the show, we start with an observation of some of the equipment upgrades that we’ve added as we being the next hundred podcasts… We’ve got comments on a week in TV that included The Walking Dead, Homeland, South Park, and the election coverage.  ALSO: some hot medical tips from Bryan on how to […]