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#170: Red Menace

Despite the fact that no team in the league has played a game since February, the NFL manages to dominate this week’s ‘cast, as we go to tape in the waning hours leading up to the Draft.  Obviously, the first round has since ended, but take a listen and see if any of our predictions […]

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#119: So, How Do We Start?

Adam joins us from BryGuy’s place to preview the summer movie slate with a fine-toothed comb.  It’s a long show, so let’s get right to it. We didn’t have time for calls this week, but remember you can always dial us up and leave a message at (608) 301-JBKO, and we’ll play it back and […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #118: Boys & Girls

Bryan and I couldn’t help ourselves — we had to get into it about HBO’s Girls for another week, after I took a look at the show.  It’s certainly well-produced, and makes both of us feel old in certain ways. Thanks to some gentle prodding, we also have a couple of your calls ON ANY TOPIC WHATSOEVER […]

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Bocko & BryGuy #117: Boys

[youtube http://youtu.be/bUPilJ36sH8] Bryan and I return to the land of the living after a one-week spring break hiatus. The big happening in the interim was the finale of season 3 of The Walking Dead.  Bryan and I agree that the show didn’t pan out the way we expected… but we weren’t exactly disappointed, either. Bryan’s been […]

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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #168: Tit Willow

With the baseball season officially underway, Josh and I resume our typical Brewers conversations: Josh as the boisterous, raving madman, me as the calm, measured realist.  Strap yourselves in for another exciting six months. Elsewhere, we laugh out loud at the Cowboys’ contract extension with Tony Romo, and there is panel-wide agreement that Jerry Jones […]