DramaJocks May 24, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

#173: Fontlorian Visitations

Another drama jock pays a visit on this week’s show, as one Raymond Christopher Lorch graces us with his presence, and his Brewers acumen.  And my, my – what are the Brewers up to?  Nothing good!  Josh reminds us that things could be worse: they could be the Twins. From the gridiron, Josh’s mind is […]

DramaJocks May 3, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

#171: Goddamned Lazy Europeans

In Germany, they have most of the month of May off for various holidays.  It’s a fact. If you want the fan reaction to the NFL Draft in the NFC North, you have come to an appropriate place.  I don’t know if this is necessarily the *definitive* place, but you shouldn’t be disappointed.  Unless you […]