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#178: Target-Rich Environment

[youtube http://youtu.be/_gaXwHz6MjQ] We cover every playing surface known to sports ((We don’t discuss anything that happens on blacktop, but since NASCAR is not a sport, it doesn’t count.))on this week’s cast, so buckle up. Trying to find some bright spots in the Brewers season — 2,000 hits for Ramirez, 300 saves for K-Rod, likely all-star bid for […]

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#177: It Tolls for Thee

Josh opens up the show this week with the observation of three celebrity passings from June 19, reinforcing the fact that none of us are long for this world.  So, why not enjoy some sports? We catch up on the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, respectively (of course Miami has since won in the NBA). […]

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#125: A Well-Attended Fest

[youtube http://youtu.be/7WlwumGkSec] Friend of the show and longtime radio buddy Kerry Longrie joins Bryan and I this week as we preview Summerfest and decide which acts we would like to see… if any of us were going.  We would like to, we really would — we just probably won’t.  But YOU should!  Y’know, if you want […]

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#124: She Keeps Callin’ Me Back Again

Plenty of excitement for you on this week’s BryGuy show: the importance and wonder of laundry chutes, previewing Zach Synder’s Man of Steel, reviews of Mad Men season 2 and the new Queens of the Stone Age album, “… Like Clockwork.”  That’s not to mention our discussion of Sir Paul McCartney’s appearance this week on The Colbert Report and the […]

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#176: Buy Me Some Peanuts and Cracker Josh

We’re down a K-Bear this week, so that means ample time for Josh and I to delve into the NBA Finals, more on the state of the Bucks, and examine the Brewers situation from multiple angles: (1) who are their All-Stars? (2) who’s coming back from injury and when? (3) who are the likely trade […]

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#175: Puck Luck

Back to a full three-man crew, we open the show by catching up on the state of the NBA Playoffs.  I question whether or not Miami actually has a coach.  I’ve never seen or heard of him, but I haven’t watched a lot of Heat games, either.  Josh has questions about the long-term fate of […]