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#151: You Want a Piece of My Heart?

Plenty of goodies for your sack this week from your best pals, Bocko and BryGuy. Both The Walking Dead AND How I Met Your Mother were worth watching this week — we haven’t been able to get exciting about the latter in quite some time. There are few fun mid-season premieres going on this week, so if you missed […]

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#150: The Lay of the Manscape

The Walking Dead rolls on, as we find out what happened to the rest of the group after the prison battle.  I eat some crow after being so adamant about the demise of the baby. Both Bryan and I have been tuning in this week for the start of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  They’ve already […]

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#211: Firestorm

Josh owns a vehicle again.  Before we get on to sports, he describes the process of bringing said vehicle up to spec in terms of maintenance.  Send your VW-themed gifts his way. Catching up on the Bucks Watch, we see the team rolling in to February 20 at 10-43.  We knew it wouldn’t happen, but […]

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The Walking “Dead Pool.”

One of the things Bryan and I often do on the show during Walking Dead season is speculate on the next cast member who’ll meet an untimely demise.  Given that Rick is never going to die (seriously, people), and Daryl is extremely unlikely to die, we figure the rest of the principles are in play.  Who do YOU think […]

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#149: “Ah, I Make a Living.”

Getting amped up for Valentine’s Day on the night before, Bryan and I share some laughs around Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, which is one of the better programs that you can only see online. We both took in a bit of the Olympic coverage, and of course we tuned in for the mid-season premiere of The […]