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#233: The King of the Three Rivers

We’re back to full-strength on this week’s podcast, and none too soon. There’s just a paltry smattering of news coming out of NFL training camps so far, but the big talker on the football side relates to Ray Rice.  As fans, we seem to put up with a lot of abhorrent behavior from these players, […]

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#165: Do Birds Have Eyes?

This is a really weird show.  Like, Weird with a capital ‘W’. We review the latest output from Weird Al Yankovic, Mandatory Fun, on this week’s program.  There’s plenty for everybody to enjoy!  We also delve into some of his back catalog and evaluate the massive success of the social media blitz surrounding the new album. […]

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#232: Watch Out for Each Other

We’re doing our best to keep tabs on one another here in the land of Jocks, and strongly encourage you to do the same… As long as all those ducks are in a row, we figured we might as well turn an eye to the NFL training camps that are opening this week, and catch […]

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#164: Document

On this week’s show, Bryan and I chat about two recently-screened documentaries that you can also catch on Netflix: Doc of the Dead, and Jimi Hendrix: Hear My Train a Comin’.  Neither one totally perfect, but both quite enjoyable. In terms of web-based TV, it’s be a fun 4th “season” of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, so check that out. […]

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#231: Right Down the Pipe

Josh and I are greasing one for you to crank out the park on this week’s show. We’ve got the final wrap-up on the 2014 World Cup, with congrats to Josh on his apt prediction of the outcome… an update from the NBA, where the free agent market was set into motion by LeBron’s homecoming, […]

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#230: A Forgettable Week

The bulk of this week’s conversation surrounds the state of the Milwaukee Brewers–losers of 4 straight and 8 of their last 9.  Suffice it to say, there is no joy in Mudville. Meanwhile, the MLB All-Star and corresponding events are scheduled to get underway beginning this weekend.  Plenty to see and do in the Twin […]