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#260: The Wrong Side of Thirty

So much content, so little time… We’ve got everything for ya this week, folks: spring training update?  Obviously.  Bucks Watch?  Of course.  Checking in on the puck?  Yes indeed.  We even spend some time on things that might not be sports. May the Force be with you, this and every weekend. Podcast: Play in new […]

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#185: Poisoning the Applesauce

We swear that your children will live, even if they happen to listen to this podcast. We’ve got the recap from Oscar night, including the outcome of our annual un-scientific poll.  Did you like NPH in the driver’s seat?  Birdman winning the big awards?  Congrats to Friend of the Show Shane Raatz, who wins it for […]

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#184: Penisultimate

Second-to-last week of Parks & Rec was the best of this final season so far, and I make a BOLD statement about the “Johnny Karate” ep. The Walking Dead gave us a bleak view of the group’s dire straits, with a glimmer of hope at the end.  That said: should we go back and re-read some of the […]

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#259: Separated at Birth

You be the judge. It’s a hot week in the NBA, as we go to tape just a couple hours after the trade deadline.  Both the Bucks and the Wolves made some significant moves, and we break it down for you. Over in the NFL, with the scouting combine underway, coaches and GMs are being […]

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#258: From the Atrium

Time will tell if that Brett Favre induction ceremony happens indoors or outdoors, but one way or another: you can be sure we have some opinions about it. Elsewhere, McCarthy gave up the play-calling duties for next season, and we think that might work; Jonathan Lucroy is hurt even before spring training starts, but hopefully […]

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#183: The Semi-Weekly Show

I hope you guys appreciate the fact that Bryan and I have been here for almost five years now, nearly every most weeks, putting in up to… 3 hours in each one of those weeks to bring you the best program we can.  Well, you’re welcome.  And you’re not getting rid of us. The Walking […]