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#277: What’s the 411?

Did you know that 411 was still a thing?  Josh can tell you all about it. We’ve also got the 411 for you on the Brewers, the Twins coming in to Milwaukee this weekend, some words of remorse after the murder of Darryl Hamilton, a 16-year-old female baseball phenom from France, the drafting of new […]

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#276: Ol’ Dangly Pants

It’s going to be a long summer if these baseball teams don’t do something interesting.  At least we could count on the St. Louis Cardinals to do their best Patriots impression this week and give us something to rant about. Of course we’ve got the wrap-up of the Stanley Cup and NBA Finals, and even […]

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#196: Jurassic Park Is Frightening In the Dark

I’m still not sure about this whole Jurassic World deal, and have not yet seen the film, but Bryan and I talk a little about very distant sequels.  I DID just finish the audiobook of the original Jurassic Park novel–a book that I loved as a kid.  I had some issues with in on the 20-years-later re-read. We listened […]

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#275: Down the Stretch We Come

There are two finals series happening right now, but they are not the most essential things discussed on this week’s SportsCast — nono, sir, there is live-ass baseball to be discussed, along with horse racing (!!!!) and banana bread.  Yes, you heard me, banana bread. Lop off a slice and enjoy. Podcast: Play in new […]

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#195: Loved By Dads, Tolerated By Women

We even taped early this week, so that our childless, dad-aged selves can get to be at a reasonable time.  😛 Seriously, though — we give a listen to the latest from Mumford & Sons, recap Bryan’s visit to Madison for Butch Walker, and chat about another movie that I saw last year and Bryan […]

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#274: Welkom In Amsterdam, Klootzakken.

The show kicks off this week with an extensive debriefing on Joe’s job and the logistics of sailing on one of his company’s vessels.  Riveting, I tell you. From there, we surprisingly turn to the ponies and the upcoming Belmont Stakes.  While American Pharoah is favored to win (by a lot), I still don’t think […]