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#199: Paul Rudd Is a Superhero

So, you can get Showtime on Hulu now for nine extra bucks.  What the hell. We get caught up on TV, Bryan highly recommends the new Pixar flick, Inside Out, we catch up on the Comic Con goings on from a week or so ago, and we remind you that Ant-Man is at a 79% […]

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#279: Trump 2016!

Light on topics, but thick on content — this is the best way I can describe our return to the virtual airwaves this week.  While we were off, the Packers had themselves a little Brett Favre Lovefest up at Lambeau.  As we probably predicted back when the divorce happened 6 or 7 years ago, the […]

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#278: There’s Never Enough Chicken

After a week off for the holiday, we’re back to chat about the Brewers recent winning streak and what it might mean for upcoming player movement; we check in on the Milwaukee Bucks and their foray into free agency; it’s also time to check out the Packers rap sheet; finally, did you see this soccer […]

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#198: Meet Me at the Thorpedo

After a long podcast of debriefing on last weekend’s holiday, looking ahead to the currently-happening Comic Con in San Diego, and listening to the EP Candy from BØRNS, Bryan and I decide that the best place for us to meet up for a drink after the show is the Thorpedo. Download and put on repeat.  It’s going to […]

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#197: Trick Questions

It’s a good ol’ fashioned American love fest on this week’s show.  And speaking of fests, we missed the Summerfest preview again this year.  Ah well, we’ll let you know who we like who’s still left to play the Marcus this week. If you haven’t heard that new Brandon Flowers album yet, allow us to […]