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#282: A Pace of a Different Race

Well, so right after we had a pleasant discussion last week about the relevance of the NFL’s preseason, the Packers had to go out make a real-life demonstration of that very situation.  So, is the preseason worth it?  We decide the answer to this question definitively, concretely, and decisively ((we actually do no such thing, […]

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#201: Just the Essentials

In the interest of injecting a little bit of excitement into your 200-ish episode listening, BryGuy and I have something a little bit special for the next two weeks.  If you remember when we made our list of 25 Albums We Can’t Live Without back at the end of 2013, you know it was a […]

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#281: Frankfurt Hipsters

Got the whole band back together this week, for a sojourn through the sports of the day.  Commentary on the Brewers’ minor leaguer David Denson’s coming out party, as well as a little catch-up on the state of the Crew (just as scattered as ever).  We’re well into the NFL preseason, so it’s time to […]

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#200: Resurrection

Bryan and I triumphantly return for episode 200!  It’s been over five years now, we still haven’t made a dime, and there’s really no reason to think that’s gonna change.  Still, we’re glad you’re listening. The summer movie season is beginning to wind down, but not before we take a look at the latest from […]

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#280: They More They Stay the Same

We were rapidly approaching “link-rot” status around here, but after a few weeks off, the Jocks are back in full effect. What did we miss?  The MLB trade deadline, for one.  I offer up some ideas of where I think the Brew Crew is headed in terms of their rebuilding project, give accolades to their […]