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#289: F– Those Guys

Another week, another bath for Bocko.  Things are looking bleak for me in the prognostication standings this year, but everyone else is still hangin’ and bangin’.  The K-Bear and I are the dynamic duo bringing you this week’s phat ep, with digressions aplenty and thorough analysis of things we don’t know about — exactly what […]

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#205: Should We Get a Tattoo?

BryGuy and I finally return, three glorious weeks into the new season of The Walking Dead.  Already been a pretty sweet ride this year, and plenty more intrigue to come.  To help us slog through all the bodies that have already hit the floor, my sis and long-time friend of the show Jen joins us. Podcast: […]

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#288: A Good Day For Jay

We finally return to the Internettish airwaves after taking an unprecedented two consecutive weeks off.  We’re back just in time to see the Cubs wilt in the NLCS, and for a Week 7 in the NFL that has such a wealth of complete crap matchups, it could be make-or-break time for our entire prognosticating field. […]

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Week 6, 2015 Picks

Sorry for the lack of a show two weeks running.  But, if you take a look at a few of my picks, you can tell that I’m clearly running a fever.  Plan to be back with you next week.  *cough-cough* *phlegm*

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Well, it’s finally that week.  I’ve mused about it here and there over the last year-plus on both shows, but this weekend, Kim and I are finally getting married.  I’m glad that all of my podcasting homies can be there with me, even the ones who live halfway around the world. No new shows this […]