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Week 12 Picks

Happy Thanksgiving, friends in the US!  And to the rest of you, enjoy your Thursday.  Due to the holiday, no show this week, but please enjoy the picks.

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#292: My Favorite Kind of Newtons

Well, we’ve got consensus on this, at least: Green Bay’s woes defy explanation.  That won’t stop us from trying to explain it, of course.  Not a lot can be justified or interpreted after a week where the best prognosticator’s record was under .500, though, so just as we’ve done, I suggest that you press on […]

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#207: “If There’s One Great Thing About a Job, It’s Doing It More.

As promised, a quick turnaround for me and the BryGuy, touching base on the most recent episode of The Walking Dead, and listening to some new, recently-released music: Jeff Lynne’s ELO on Alone In the Universe, and the recent EP from The Decemberists, florasongs.  It’s a quickie, but oh-so-good. We’ll be off next week, so have a great turkey day! […]

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#206: Leave the Food, Skinbag

Bryan and I taped a show on a Saturday for the first time ever.  We got caught up on The Walking Dead up to that point (and don’t worry, we’ve got another chat coming up this week for last night’s ep), and checked in on some other TV we’ve been watching. It’s also time to start counting […]

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#291: Achievement Unlocked

Well, my mother-in-law is now 10 games ahead of me in prognostication.  Basically a game per week, folks.  It’s gotten silly, but we soldier on.  The K-Bear and I do it dyno-duo-style this week, so expect plenty of post-mortem on the Packers and their two-game losing streak.  Spoiler alert: everyone expects the bleeding to stop […]

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#290: Kansas Freakin’ City

Back to full strength this week, as we recap the K-Bear’s trip to Wembley for the Lions matchup against Kansas City last weekend.  Joe and I console one another after what can only be described as a horrendous showing by the Packers up in Denver, and we speculate a bit on what might come of […]