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#301: In the Parlance of Our Times

New time slot, same hot drama jockin’ action.  Josh, Joe, and I are chatting this week about the MLB spring training, Matt Forte, the upcoming college hoops post-season, Kobe vs. Michael, and the NHL season entering the proverbial homestretch. Join us, won’t you? Podcast: Play in new window | Download (30.4MB) Subscribe: RSS | More

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#216: George Lucas Disease

Always fun to have a guest on the program, and this week it’s long-time friend of the show R. Chris Lorch, stopping by to chat up the recently-completed “tenth season” of The X-Files.  He and I have plenty to say about it, so if you’re an xphile, you’ll want to be there… BryGuy and I also […]

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#215: “I Didn’t Understand Any of That”

Bryan and I get caught up on some of the most pressing entertainment items of our day: the Grammys (sheesh), the return of The Walking Dead, the premiere of 11.22.63, and an update of our progress with the Best Picture nominees (Academy Awards less than two weeks away!). Have a little listen, and make your hump day a […]

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#300: Fetuses Are Hilarious

It’s the first episode of 2016, ASB (after the Super Bowl).  True to form, that means that our conversation meanders in and out of pro sports, but does really make a desperate effort to stay on task.  That’s part of what you love, though, no? This is the 300th time we’ve cranked this mother out, […]

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#214: The Things We Do for Love

Bryan and I welcome his beautiful young fiancee, Jennette, to the big program to chat about last week’s Grease: Live that aired on Fox.  I also implore my colleague one more time to WATCH THE FREAKING MARVEL SHOWS ON NETFLIX.  There will be no regrets in doing so, I assure you.  We have a healthy amount of […]

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#299: Chumps & Assh*les

Josh and I man the virtual waves of air this week, and we get into it about the movement of various Brewers’ players and personnel over the last several weeks, the state of affairs in each conference of the NBA, Josh’s reasoning for being lax in his attention to the NHL, and… damn: what else […]