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#315: The Family Gun Shop

We’ve got a Bocko and a K-Bear this week, assessing the Packers’ status after one preseason game (before last night’s contest vs. the Raiders), taking a look at some select events in the Olympics, and trying to figure out Frankfurt football (i.e., soccer). Enjoy your weekends, friends. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (25.5MB) […]

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#314: TED on Brett

The Big Three are back together this week (well, last week, technically), with plenty of chatter about the things tangentially related to sports: Hall of Fame inductions, game cancellations, class-action lawsuits, early retirements, and the Olympics.  Oh, it was a lovely time.  You should give it a listen. Podcast: Play in new window | Download […]

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#226: NBH

It’s me, BryGuy, and my beautiful wife Kim on this week’s show, where we chat about the latest Netflix Original sensation, Stranger Things.  After being implored to watch it by literally every person I spoke to for a week, I did not regret a moment. Bryan and Jennette got to check out the Mile of Music […]

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#313: Post-Haste

The Brewers had to hurry up and change gears last weekend after their trade of Jonathan Lucroy to the Indians fell through.  It wasn’t as good as last year’s deal where the Gomez swap to New York was nixed and he ended up in Houston, but in the end, I think Brew Crew fans can […]