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#332: Phoning It In

Week 17 is also so tough to predict — the teams that are out of it might be dreaming of the off-season break, and the ones who are in have a sort of extra pre-season game.  Who knows what will actually transpire when the men hit the field? We do know for certain that a […]

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#234: The Prequel We Wanted

Not much else to say this week: Bryan and I both got out to see Rogue One (like several million other people) last week, and we had a splendid time.  Join us for three-quarters of an hour to reflect on the plot, the characters, where it fits in the greater Star Wars pantheon, and the questions both raised and […]

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#331: Nut Cutting Time

Will you look at this shit?  A month ago, we left the Packers for dead.  Now, with two games remaining in the regular season, they’ve clawed their way back into contention for the NFC North title and an 8th straight playoff berth.  It’s a remarkable setup that this NFL has going for it… Oh, and […]

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#330: Broke-Ass Teflon

Person of the Drama Jocks’ Year Josh Schneider is present and accounted for this week — whatever we will discuss?  Some hot-stovin’ Brew Crew action to start, and then the sort of hard-hitting prognostication you’ve come to expect. Come for the laughs, stay for the buffet. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (39.3MB) Subscribe: […]

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#232: Just Like Boobs

You can always tell the difference between the real thing and an obvious facsimile. This right here is honest-to-goodness podcasting, where we chat about the latest ep of The Walking Dead, look forward to some of the movie releases coming up in the immediate future, and also touch base on a pair of fantastic rap/hip-hop releases from […]