DramaJocks December 8, 2016 Jason Bock No comments

#329: Balanced, But Not Great

It’s an apt description of a lot of teams this time of year: they look good in various ways on both sides of the ball, but over the course of 13 weeks, vulnerabilities have been exposed.  It makes prognosticating more of a challenge, and hopefully also adds to the drama of the individual contests. Here’s […]

DramaJocks December 2, 2016 Jason Bock No comments

#328: Touch & Go

This is the time in the NFL schedule where everything gets dicey.  What we thought we knew headed into the season has long since been thrown out, and what we felt we had learned by the mid-point is now poised to be challenged.  We did all correctly pick the Cowboys to take out the Vikings […]

Bocko and BryGuy December 1, 2016 Jason Bock No comments


There’s not much to do with boners in this episode, but every time we get together and chat about movies (like Doctor Strange) and TV (like The Walking Dead) and all our other favorite silly crap, it just makes a guy feel good. Hope it does the same for you. Podcast: Play in new window | Download […]