Bocko and BryGuy January 27, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#236: Operation: NOMINATE!

PURELY BY COINCIDENCE, we taped this episode along with our wonderful and insightful wives on some made-up “spouses day” fake holiday. ¬†We would have loved having them along regardless, of course. But, the Oscar nominations are out, and that means it’s time to assess the field, make some early predictions, and game-plan for a month […]

Bocko and BryGuy January 21, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#235: Let’s Casey Kasem This Bitch

An annual tradition ’round these parts: BryGuy and I like to open each new calendar year of the podcast with a review of our favorite albums from the 12 months prior. ¬†Plenty of good stuff on our respective lists, and commentary/samples you won’t want to miss. Looking forward to sharing our intrepid insights with you […]

DramaJocks January 20, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#333: Betting Trifecta

Three Green Bay golden boys on the virtual waves of Basically-a-Series-of-Tubes here this week, anxious to review the Packers playoff performance up to this point, and then offer our take on what’s to come for conference championship weekend. I will say this: all parties involved will feel like the Packers have righted the ship and […]