Bocko and BryGuy March 24, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#239: The Royal Palace

Little did you know that the Christmas season just wrapped up last weekend — when BryGuy and Jennette traveled west to take in the VIP tour of Paisley Park, Prince’s estate/production complex in Chanhassen, MN. On this week’s show, we get his review of the tour, including the benefits of the VIP treatment, and why Paisley Park […]

Bocko and BryGuy March 10, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#238: The Charlie Brown of Tatooine

BryGuy and I get caught up on all the important stuff: Star Wars, the weird goings on at the Oscars, the fact that neither one of us completed that Oscar-viewing mission, the latest offering from friend of the podcast Mike Birbiglia, and my new television obsession (yes, of course it’s related to comic books; sheesh). Take your time, do […]

DramaJocks March 8, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#337: Sleepy Time

We were a little slow on the upload here, but no worries: the timeliness of this little nugget from yours truly and R.C. Lorch is unaffected.  Give us 40 minutes or so to amaze you with our collective questions and partial answers about the affairs of the Milwaukee Brewers baseball club as spring training rolls […]