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#242: The Gern and Charlie Show

Next week, the calendar flips over to the month of May, which means it’ll be summer movie season.  As has become the custom over the last decade, summer is the Season of Dominance for Disney and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Expect much of the same this year.  You can consider our fancies tickled. Enjoy! Podcast: […]

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#341: A Reason for All of This

Excitement afoot in all three of your major pro sports this week — Brewers team records!  Bucks playoff action!  Magnificent NHL turds!  Eternal hope in the land of the NFL Draft!  You can’t ask for much better, other than Josh and Joe joining me as well. Come with us! Podcast: Play in new window | […]

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#241: Musical Interlude

This week, after being drenched in television for lo, these many weeks, BryGuy and I take a stab at some album releases that piqued our interest in the last couple months.  Crank up your ear-holes for commentary on the latest from Wild Adriatic, The Shins, and Spoon.  All pleasant.  All ready to move you. … […]

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#340: When Are the Mets Calling Up Tebow?

It’s R.C. Lorch, the K-Bear, and myself this week for a joyful exploration of the just-underway NHL and NBA post-seasons, how you solve a problem like #12’s girlfriend, sleeping on couches in Europe, and the New York Mets’ #1 prospect (in our hearts). Diggit, homies. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (33.5MB) Subscribe: RSS […]

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#339: Stab My Heart With a Gravy Spoon

Todd Jefferson Lucas is with me on this week’s show to go over the Badgers’ tournament ouster from last week, and to look ahead to what might be possible in the near future for the Bucks and Brewers.  Also, talk of Todd becoming a bona fide Bears fan??  Not lying.  You’ll have to listen and […]