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#351: Brothers In Arms

The exciting September run for the Milwaukee Brewers has juuuuuust about run its course, but it’s been a fun ride.  Good season, boys.  Looking forward to seeing what the near future brings. Josh and I also go over the wonky happenings around the NFL in Week 3 (Bears: whaaaaa?  Packers: Oi.  Jags: whatnow?  Miami: jeez.  […]

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#247: The People, and the Difficulty.

Time for us to catch up on our small-screen viewing (and my one random toss-in of a movie in Alien: Covenant), and to touch base on the Emmy winners.  So many shows, literally not enough time to watch them all. Podcast: Play in new window | Download (32.5MB) Subscribe: RSS | More

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#350: It Sounds Like a Cracker

Before we officially get underway, Josh has a few things to get off his chest in relation to his newfound rosy outlook on being alive just in general. From there, strap yourself in for a late-September dig into the state of Milwaukee Brewers, whose unexpected season is reaching culmination this coming weekend in the form […]

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#349: Everything You Said Is Delicious

Last week’s records: Todd, 10-5; Jason, 10-5; Chris, 10-5; Josh, 9-6; Joe, 8-7 Todd and yours truly getting together this week to unravel Week 1, and take a look at Week 2.  Can surprises like the Jags and Rams sustain, or were they a flash in the proverbial pan?  And what about Kansas City?  Of […]

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#348: Two Words – Michael Crabtree

Yours truly and Joshua Barrington Schneider XVI with you on this week’s big prognostication extravaganza for Week 1 of the 2017 NFL season.  Address burning questions like: What does Josh really think about the management in his beloved Chicago?  What was I thinking in this year’s fantasy draft?  Is Week 1 too early for a […]