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#146: The Nominees for Best Podcast With the Fewest Listeners Are…

By: Jarle Naustvik

Bryan and I just barely missed the Oscar nominations last week, so we chat about those on this week’s show.  Props to American Hustle for their 10 total nominations.  Sad face to Her and Spike Jonze for the Directing snub.

Remember you can get in on the action with our 2014 Oscar Pool.  The winner will receive our respect and admiration for no less than the hour it takes us to record the show on the week of March 2.

BUT THAT’S NOT ALL!  Download NOW and get our commentary on topics as varied as:

  • Matt McConaughey – why choose so many shitty roles when it seems like you probably have talent?
  • BBC’s Sherlock – series three just started stateside, and it’s one of the UK shows we think you should watch
  • The Winter Olympics – what are your viewing habits?
  • The 50th anniversary of America’s Beatlemania – what are the longest books you could possibly read about the Fab Four?

All that, and–if you act now–a bag of chips.