Bocko and BryGuy February 20, 2014 Jason Bock No comments

#150: The Lay of the Manscape

By: Mike Mozart

The Walking Dead rolls on, as we find out what happened to the rest of the group after the prison battle.  I eat some crow after being so adamant about the demise of the baby.

Both Bryan and I have been tuning in this week for the start of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.  They’ve already had some pretty good bits, and it’s been a fun show.

Hey, do you like music?  You into the rock n’ roll?  Have you enjoyed such bands as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones?  Trust the BryGuy: listen to Sun Structures by Temples.

Finally, we try to answer the immortal question: what is with LEGO and meta-animation?  Highest-grossing movie in America two weeks running, folks.

That’s what we have for you.  Got anything for us?  Call 608-301-JBKO if you do.