Bocko and BryGuy February 28, 2014 Jason Bock No comments

#151: You Want a Piece of My Heart?

By: Lindsey Turner

Plenty of goodies for your sack this week from your best pals, Bocko and BryGuy.

Both The Walking Dead AND How I Met Your Mother were worth watching this week — we haven’t been able to get exciting about the latter in quite some time.

There are few fun mid-season premieres going on this week, so if you missed them live, check the web or your on-demand offerings for: The Americans and Portlandia.  The NBC lineup is back to normal after the Olympics this week, too.

Speaking of premieres, we got into Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show last week, and now I’m adding the new Late Night with Seth Meyers as well.  I think the show has potential, but it’s going to need some time.  Like, Conan-circa-1993 time.  Still, I think it’ll get there.

Beck’s new album hit the store shelves–both virtually and physically–on Tuesday.  We give it a spin and a comment…

Finally, Sunday is the 86th Academy Awards!  Time to get your final picks in, and try your luck against us truly.  Best of luck, young man (or woman).  See you on the other side.