Bocko and BryGuy May 16, 2014 Jason Bock No comments

#159: Running Up That Hill

By: Carla Vasquez

It’s done — Bryan’s divorce from cable has been finalized.  Let me just say this to you, our faithful listeners: if it costs you ONE HUNDRED SIXTY DOLLARS EVERY MONTH just to watch TV, you are getting hosed, bent over, plowed, turned over again, slapped, gut-punched, tea-bagged, and tossed out into the street, naked.

Beyond that, we’ve got commentary on the first two weeks of Louie, back on FX for its 4th season.  I also offer Bryan a little primer on Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, not available on TV, but only on HBO.  You’ll also get music reviews on the latest from Lily Allen, The Black Keys, and Michael Jackson.