Bocko and BryGuy February 20, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

#184: Penisultimate

Photo by: Rex Sorgatz

Second-to-last week of Parks & Rec was the best of this final season so far, and I make a BOLD statement about the “Johnny Karate” ep.

The Walking Dead gave us a bleak view of the group’s dire straits, with a glimmer of hope at the end.  That said: should we go back and re-read some of the comics to remember who of the ancillary characters are who and when they showed up?  Maybe it’s better to just enjoy the televised ride.

I give Bryan some tips for enjoying SNL’s 40th anniversary show, including lots of blanking out on people’s names!

Finally, with the Academy Awards show coming up on Sunday, we predict a handful of categories, and invite you, dear listener, to do a better job than we can: Bocko & BryGuy’s Oscar Pool 2015!