Bocko and BryGuy February 26, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

#185: Poisoning the Applesauce

Photo by: Tim Wilson

We swear that your children will live, even if they happen to listen to this podcast.

We’ve got the recap from Oscar night, including the outcome of our annual un-scientific poll.  Did you like NPH in the driver’s seat?  Birdman winning the big awards?  Congrats to Friend of the Show Shane Raatz, who wins it for the second straight year.

The Walking Dead set course for what will likely be the final stop this season: a community with lots of fresh, delicious applesauce.

Finally, we said good-bye to Parks & Recreation after their seven-season run, with a terrific finale that sewed up any and all loose ends.  What was there to complain about?  Even Jerry Barry Larry Gary couldn’t screw this up.

Listen well, and enjoy.