Bocko and BryGuy August 19, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

#200: Resurrection

Photo by: Tricia

Bryan and I triumphantly return for episode 200!  It’s been over five years now, we still haven’t made a dime, and there’s really no reason to think that’s gonna change.  Still, we’re glad you’re listening.

The summer movie season is beginning to wind down, but not before we take a look at the latest from Marvel, Ant-Man.  It would be fair to say we were both entertained.  There’s also this Fantastic Four movie, which didn’t look great to begin with, and as it turns out, really isn’t.  We’ve got some ideas for the next time they inevitably try to kick off a franchise with these characters.

Musically, there’s plenty to listen to: the latest offerings from The Lone Bellow, Dawes, and Wilco.  It’s like the best triple-header concert you’ve ever sat quietly and politely clapped for.

On the small screen, we’re here to confirm for you: Sesame Street moving to HBO is not a joke.  This is really happening.  Smarter people probably have more to say about the economics behind it, but we’re speculating on what moves like this, combined with HBO GO, are going to do for their subscriber base.

And speaking of HBO: if you haven’t heard about last year’s documentary based on Lawrence Wright’s book, Going Clear, let us encourage you to take a look into this fascinating examination of one of America’s most profitable cults.  Creepy stuff, man.  Creepy.

I’m off to open a window.  It’s actually below 80 in the office!