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#202: Essentially BryGuy

OK, last week we had Bocko’s 25 Essential Movies list, and this time, we look at the same for the BryGuy.  These are the movies which, were Bryan stranded in a lonely, foreboding hellscape after the fall of society as we know it, he would want to please take with him to help get through the days.  We quibbled about a few, but that’s what the show’s all about, folks.

Leave us your comments and any ideas for the flicks missing from your own 25.

  1. Almost Famous-Formative movie for me. Talk about being able to relate to the main character! An overprotected young man who just wants to write about music? Whats not to love! This film really captures the power of music. And its ability to connect generations and “social misfts” with the “losers”
  2. This is Spinal Tap– Funniest movie about a fictitious rock band ever. It goes to 11!
  3. Back to the Future– See last week’s episode
  4. Clockwork Orange-Had to get some Kubrick on here. As he (and this movie specifically) made me go from a “movie fan” to a “film fan”
  5. ET-Yep. You will make fun of me. I’m prepared. But I never tire of this thing. Ever. Shut it.
  6. Forrest Gump– See comments for E.T.
  7. 40 Year Old Virgin-It’s the perfect combination of funny and touching.  Makes me laugh like an idiot in one scene and root for the main character in the next.  A movie I will never forget.
  8. Godfather Part II- Yep. Not the original. To me, this is a deeper investigation of the family and therefore a better representation of the source material. The first one is a classic, but I ENJOY this one more.
  9. Iron Man– Lots of comic book movies had been made before this one.  But this was one of the very first very GOOD ones.
  10. Kill Bill (Volume 1)– Needed to have some Tarantino on here. Pulp Fiction is an honorable mention (#26??), Reservoir Dogs is great, but this one just entertains me to no end.
  11. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring: Where it all started. Made me want to read the books (and I did, eventually), and got me excited for parts 2 and 3.  Nothing in the other two films in the set made me feel like this one.
  12. Planet of the Apes(1968): Original is the best. And any self respecting sci fi fan (ahem), needs this on a list. One could argue we wouldnt have a lot of other modern Sci Fi if not for this
  13. Purple Rain-Oh Prince. How you molded Bryan. He defines “sensitive jerk” in this modern (?) day musical. And so much lamay!
  14. Singin in the Rain– Jennette would kill me if i didnt have at least one “classic movie musical” on this list.  So, this is for her. But it’s also one of the BEST musicals ever. If you dont smile during most of this movie, you might be dead.
  15. Spider Man 2– Best Spider man so far and probably the best we will ever see. Before Iron Man, this redefined the quality level a comic book movie could deliver.
  16. Tommy– This movie made me love classic rock and the Who and never look back.  And gave me nightmares. I still think about it almost on the daily.
  17. Up– God. This movie wrecks me! I can’t imagine a world without it.
  18. Waiting for Guffman-Another Christopher Guest classic. This one about community theater. Fodder for comedy, and they tap into all of it.
  19. Wizard of Oz-Best family movie/musical ever? Yeah, probably.
  20. Empire Strikes Back
  21. A New Hope– Yep, see last week. We agree
  22. Raiders of the Lost Ark– Sorry. Have to go with this one over Last Crusade.  It’s a damn good adventure movie.
  23. Saving Private Ryan-For the first 20 minutes alone. I don’t wanna live on a desert island or any world at all where I can’t see that brilliant spool of film ever again
  24. Blazing Saddles– Yep. Better than Spaceballs
  25. The Princess Bride
Some omissions:
Batman Begins
Superman 2
Beatles Anthology
Young Frankenstein