Bocko and BryGuy November 14, 2012 Jason Bock No comments

Bocko & BryGuy #102: “Are You Here, Dad?”


Bryan and I debrief on something of a slower week in our favorite TV dramas — both Walking Dead and Homeland were a bit off their earlier-season pace, but we appreciated certain things about both.  We discuss some of the differences between the TV- and comic-versions of the Dead‘s Governor, and what makes each version of the character unique.

If you didn’t catch Saturday Night Live this past weekend, and you are a Homeland viewer, you should definitely watch this sketch.  Spot on, and hilarious.

I had a chance to watch the new Bond flick, Skyfall, while Bryan was engaged in a mini-marathon review of the first two Daniel Craig Bond movies.  My spoiler-free review is within…

Speaking of reviews, we close up the show with a little techie-talk, as I explain what I like about my new podcatcher app on Android, Podkicker.  I also make Bryan feel some pangs of jealousy as I run through the fantastic features of the new aftermarket stereo I put in my car (spoiler: you don’t *think* HD radio is that important, but trust me– IT IS).
Take an hour and enjoy yourself.