Bocko and BryGuy January 14, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

Bocko & BryGuy #108: Climbing Mount Oscar


This year, for the first since the Academy went to a 9-or-10 film field for the Best Picture, I am making a concerted effort to see all the Best Pic nominees.  And why not?  Some fine motion pictures in that category, and Bryan and I will talk about them on this very show.

We went to tape as the Golden Globes were airing (some might think of them as the pre-Oscars), so we make a few shout-outs to the winners as they are coming up to the stage.

Beyond that, we have some comments on the funny TV that you may or may not be watching as we reach the mid-point of the conventional network TV season.

A svelte 43 minutes, kids.  Download and enjoy.