Bocko and BryGuy April 10, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

Bocko & BryGuy #117: Boys


Bryan and I return to the land of the living after a one-week spring break hiatus.

The big happening in the interim was the finale of season 3 of The Walking Dead.  Bryan and I agree that the show didn’t pan out the way we expected… but we weren’t exactly disappointed, either.

Bryan’s been getting on the bandwagon of the trendy HBO “sitcom,” Girls.  Can you call it a sitcom when it’s on HBO?  Does that count as sitcomville?  I’m not quite sure…

How I Met Your Mother is still doing everything in its power to keep you watching without a resolution, but the most recent episode ended with a tantalizing reveal.  We’ll break that down and predict how the series might end…

Finally, we decided it might be fun to do a show where we answer your questions on any topic whatsoever — and where possible, we would like to play back your calls on the show.  Feel free to dial in at (608) 301-JBKO.  Leave us a message with your question ON LITERALLY ANY TOPIC and we will feature it on a future episode.  If you’re bashful about the telephone, leave a comment on this post with your question, and we can answer that way as well.

Thanks for listening, and enjoy.