Bocko and BryGuy June 18, 2010 Jason Bock 3 comments

Bocko & BryGuy #12: 1-800-BUZZ-KILL

This week on the podcast, Bryan and I notch a couple more marks in our summer reading lists, including a discussion of the Zahn trilogy in the Star Wars universe.  That leads us to a discussion of some of our favorite Star Wars video game titles.

We also realize there are some movies that we’re *supposed* to like, but just don’t.

Finally, we open up the lines to take your calls– leave a message for the program at: 608-318-3520 and we just might play it back on next week’s show…

Thanks as always for downloading.

3 thoughts on “Bocko & BryGuy #12: 1-800-BUZZ-KILL

  1. Tell bry-guy he may want to try the Han Solo trilogy as well. I have them. Quite good if you are a Han fan.

  2. also, I’m sure he’s aware by now, but the True Blood vamps are “night-only” vamps. So if you ever want to discuss true blood on the show, I’ve read ALL the books. can you text me your google voice # ?

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