Bocko and BryGuy August 19, 2010 Jason Bock No comments

Bocko & BryGuy #19: Bocko and BryGuy – LIVE!

We recorded the show in a live format this week for the first time, so please forgive the hiccups and some occasional rambling.  Overall, two former radio people did pretty well keeping it moving.  😉

We do a weekend recap, and then jump straight into movie reviews– what have we seen lately, what’s coming up this fall and early winter?  A few flicks you don’t want to miss, and a couple we have no interest in…

We also take a short look at the android app, GetGlue, and discuss the phenomenon of web-based social referrals.

All in about 1 hour.  Give it a listen, and tune in next week Wednesday at 9:15 CDT at  You can join us there in the chat room to give us live feedback during the show.  Follow Bryan or I on twitter (@bryansiebers and @tonyshangrila, respectively), and you can still call to leave us a message which we’ll play back on the program at 608-318-3520.