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Bocko & BryGuy #38: Everything Is Just Super

The week after our Super Bowl hiatus, Bryan and I get into a lengthy discussion about Superman and some upcoming comic movies.  We also discuss Bryan’s play, some e-reader action, and why we’re both better people for turning over some new habits.

Enjoy the program!

One thought on “Bocko & BryGuy #38: Everything Is Just Super

  1. 8:46 heathercore: Hi! Yes.
    8:46 heathercore: I’m here.
    8:46 bryguy2010: we are on
    8:46 bryguy2010: and broadcasting
    8:47 heathercore: Despite the Super Bowl win, I totally missed football today.
    8:50 heathercore: The grandpa in Parenthood
    8:50 heathercore: the movie… not the tv show.
    8:50 bryguy2010:
    8:51 heathercore: or up
    8:51 bryguy2010:
    8:52 bryguy2010: hope you can make it up heather:)
    8:53 heathercore: Wow… what was it called?
    8:55 heathercore: Gwynth Paltrow is going to perform again with CeeLo… Set your DVR.
    8:57 heathercore: I’m unfriending you on Facebook, Bryan!
    8:58 bryguy2010: social network best picture of the year heather?
    8:58 heathercore: No… just kidding… it’s OK. Not best picture worthy.
    9:00 heathercore: I’m waiting about the feature film about the sock puppet.
    9:01 heathercore: I went to an all-day best picture marathon at AMC Mayfair… you’re with the same people all day… fell asleep at the end and the theater smelled so nasty at the end
    9:02 bryguy2010: yuck
    9:09 heathercore: Awesome! I’m jealous!
    9:11 bryguy2010:
    9:12 bryguy2010:
    9:18 bryguy2010:
    9:20 bryguy2010: Will this be a sequel to Superman Returns?EditHistoryDeleteNo. It has been stated that this will be a reboot of the Superman franchise, much like Batman Begins was a reboot of the Batman films. This f
    9:20 bryguy2010: This film will have no connections to the previous Superman movies.
    9:22 heathercore: Oh brother
    9:24 bryguy2010: yeah…anne hathawys hot..have i mentioned this?
    9:27 heathercore: Saw that on a date
    9:27 bryguy2010: fantastic four?
    9:28 heathercore: Yep..
    9:30 bryguy2010: was there a second date?
    9:33 bryguy2010:
    9:37 heathercore: No, not second date.. dinner after was at Applebees.. It’s definitely one of my worst dates
    9:38 heathercore: Haha! Red Lobster means love
    9:38 bryguy2010: ive actually never been to one…maybe that means ive never love…
    9:42 heathercore: Bye!
    9:42 tonyshangrila: Thanks heather
    9:42 bryguy2010:
    9:42 tonyshangrila: have a good week…
    9:42 bryguy2010: thank you!

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