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Bocko & BryGuy #39: Don’t Steal My Thunderbolt

Lots to talk about as Bryan and I return from a two (or was it three?)- week hiatus.  Were there any surprises at the Oscars?  What is BryGuy listening to?  Better still, what is he reading?

We do our best to enlighten, enrage, and entertain you in just over one solar hour.


One thought on “Bocko & BryGuy #39: Don’t Steal My Thunderbolt

  1. Sorry I didn’t catch the full chat log, but here is most, including a couple links:

    8:55 heathercore: Hahaha!
    9:02 bryguy2010:
    9:12 heathercore: He didn’t win an Oscar.
    9:12 bryguy2010: jon cryer did though right?
    9:12 heathercore: For Pretty in Pink… they lost the envelope from like 1987
    9:13 heathercore: The Oscar voters have a hard on for period pieces.
    9:16 heathercore: Trent Reznor won an Oscar!
    9:19 heathercore: Didn’t he like tell off his mom?
    9:20 heathercore: He totally seemed high
    9:21 heathercore: I liked when Jon Stewart hosted.
    9:25 bryguy2010: heather is kid a better then okcomputer?
    9:26 heathercore: I still prefer OKComputer.
    9:26 heathercore: I’ve got the new one to send you, Bry
    9:26 bryguy2010: ty heather
    9:28 bryguy2010: will be a good trade for the kanye i sent you:)
    9:32 tonyshangrila:
    9:37 heathercore: That’s a lot of walking
    9:39 bryguy2010: thanks everyone
    9:40 heathercore: Thanks, guys.

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