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Bocko & BryGuy #47: The Triumphant Return of Sally

Bryan and I welcome back our old WRST chum, Kerry Tiberius Longrie, to this week’s show.  Bryan is getting warmed up for Comic Con in San Diego in a few weeks, but even sooner on the schedule is Summerfest.  The three of us go over the lineup, and try to figure out why it’s looking better this year than it has in a while.

Enjoy it with a cool beverage and a healthy snack!


One thought on “Bocko & BryGuy #47: The Triumphant Return of Sally

  1. Here’s the chat transcript from the show:

    9:16 niccilee: Sup gentlemen?
    9:17 niccilee: There was a good part?!
    9:17 bryguy2010: we just got talking about procreating nicci
    9:17 bryguy2010: you missed it
    9:23 niccilee: You should dress up!
    9:23 bryguy2010: good one
    9:29 bryguy2010: isnt this fascinating nicci?
    9:30 niccilee: Ah, Randy Locke. He is PROBABLY a child molester now.
    9:30 niccilee: THANK YOU!
    9:30 bryguy2010: no probably about nicci
    9:30 bryguy2010: his basement smelled of dead children
    9:30 niccilee: I have children. I play video games!
    9:31 bryguy2010: touche bryan
    9:31 bryguy2010: or nicci
    9:31 bryguy2010: sorry multitasking
    9:33 niccilee: *Shameless plug*
    9:34 bryguy2010: little foot photography…check out their facebook page
    9:34 bryguy2010:
    9:35 niccilee: LOL
    9:38 bryguy2010:
    9:41 bryguy2010: i like hall and oates
    9:42 niccilee: Kansas is there? What about Boston? 😀
    9:44 niccilee: Its not the guy, its the food.
    9:44 niccilee: And fry it!
    9:46 bryguy2010: hilarious nicci:) you are very funny

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