Bocko and BryGuy July 27, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

Bocko & BryGuy #50: You’ve Got to Keep Moving

No standing around on this week’s show, we need to keep the crowd in motion…

Bryan and Patrick are back from their trip to comic con with plenty of highlights, some lessons learned, anecdotes, tips, ideas, and plans for next time.

It’s been a while since we had a chance to catch up on what’s in the theaters, so we also spin some yarns about Harry Potter 7 pt 2, Captain America, and what we should expect from one of next summer’s can’t-miss blockbusters, The Amazing Spider-Man.

Personally, I’m planning to hold off on Captain America until it’s available for rent.  But how is that going to go down now that Netflix is jacking up the prices in a month?

Thanks for taking a listen– enjoy!