Bocko & BryGuy #53: Three-Way

Success!  The video and audio switching/mixing worked to perfection on this week’s show, and we’ll be glad to open it up to “callers” that want to drop by the Google Hangout for future shows.  This week, in addition to a wrap-up of the summer movie season, friend-of-the-‘cast Nick Petters drops in to help us preview the Pearl Jam 20 show that is happening EXCLUSIVELY here in Wisconsin, at Alpine Valley, this coming weekend.  Sounds like an excellent show with a helluva line-up.

Are you ready for the end of summer?  Sorry, but it’s here.  Enjoy the program, and don’t forget — you’re welcome to stop in weekly through Google+, or you can call in to leave us your feedback that we’ll play and respond to on the next week’s show: 608-318-3520.

Thanks for the download, as always.



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