Bocko and BryGuy September 27, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

Bocko & BryGuy #56: Winners and Losers

Bryan and I both had a heckuva week watching the fall TV premieres.  There are a couple of new shows that seem like they’ll be a hit, and a few others that are likely to fall short.  We give you the over-under in about an hour.

Of course, what we’re really waiting for, and what we’re really excited about, are zombies.  My zombie-nightmare quotient has been on the rise in recent weeks.  Seriously.  And it’s actually kind of nice, because while I call them “nightmares,” they are not so much terrifying, as they are deliciously heart-pounding.  Much like the show.  So that’s nice.

Enjoy the program, and stop in next Sunday for the Google+ Hangout!  We’d love to hear your thoughts on all these various topics…