Bocko & BryGuy #67: Bryan’s Best Albums of 2011

Continuing an annual tradition on this week’s show, we present Bryan’s Top Five Albums of the Year.  The rules are: they have to be albums that he actually purchased and listened to.  According to Bryan, it was a much stronger field than what we saw in 2010, and I would have to agree.  I even bought one of the three that I was missing during the show…

The Top Five are:

This is also our last show in 2011.  We’ll be back on SUNDAYS when 2012 gets underway, beginning January 8, at 9PM CST.  I always say thank you for your interest, and for giving us an hour, but this time of year, I’ll add my best Christmas wishes for you and yours as you gather in the coming days.  May 2012 be your best year yet.

Enjoy the show!