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Bocko & BryGuy #75: Seventy-Five Podcasts and There’s Nothing On

Bryan and I are three-quarters of the way to 100 shows as of today.  Not a gigantically notable point, but a nice round number, for sure.

Steve Martin comes up right away at the start (as he often does), and if you’re interested in an extended interview where Steve talks about his new Twitter book, give Triangulation #41 a listen.

After that, we take some time (as ever) to dissect this week’s Walking Dead and speculate on how the season is going to wrap in two more episodes.  Be on the lookout for spoilers at around 11 minutes; fast-forward to 25 if you don’t want the Dead-talk.  It’s just hitting me as I write this that I’m going to be bummed about the show ending for another 6 or 7 months.  I think any concerns that fans might have had about Frank Darabont’s departure from the day-to-day production were quelled with a really fine season that continued to move the story of the survivors forward.  Here’s hoping they can sustain the pace as the series continues…

If you’ve got yourself an Android device, or are generally plugged deep into Google, you probably caught a whiff of the Google Play re-branding of all their media offerings on Tuesday afternoon.  I’m not 100% certain what this means (this fellow at ZDNet thinks it’s a precursor to a clear demarcation between consumer-grade and enterprise-grade Google; I would have to disagree), but Bryan and I agree that they do an awful lot of tweaking and modifying of their products on a regular basis.  Is that a good thing?  Bad thing?  Neither?  Are they trying to catch up to Apple in a fight that they can never win?

So, if you are inclined, take an hour, and enjoy yourself.

With the podcast, I mean.