Bocko & BryGuy #79: Half-Screened

Half of us watched half of the premiere of The Killing on AMC this week.  The other half got through the whole deal, and was not that impressed.

This is not to mention the opening of Game of Thrones, in which basically nothing happened.

Last weekend, my Lord of the Rings extended trilogy marathon went down successfully, but I have a couple notes on the viewing experience for you.  Also, I do not recommend that you attempt a similar screening for yourself and your friends — the LOTR saga is best experienced over a weekend, at least.

Plenty of reading has been going down for both of us, though — I am in the midst of a couple books, and Bryan is knocking out The Hunger Games before taking in the movie.  After my first significant experience reading a full book on my Nook Touch, I can’t imagine going back to physical books with paper and pages, unless I really have to.

Finally, Instagram debuted on Android yesterday.  Never having had an iPhone, I didn’t understand all the hullabaloo about it, but now that I’m trying it out, I can see why the “Twitter of photos” would be a fun app.

This ep here’s a shortie; so if you’ve got 40 minutes or so, you can turn this mother out.



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