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Bocko & BryGuy #80: I Could Take You One-on-One

This week’s show opens with an extensive (but not exhaustive) discussion of our respective abilities related to sports and various athletic endeavors.  I foresee a sad–nay, pathetic–contest going down at some point in the future.  But, I digress.

Bryan got caught up on the The Killing, and I watched it too, but here’s my principle beef: you sold us a show about a teenager’s murder.  That’s what I want to see.  And I want to see it resolved.  I’m not that interested in a program about political intrigue or the Seattle mafia.  Unless you, fair writers and producers, can provide something within those tropes that is fascinating and exciting on its own.  Up to this point, it’s been a lot of stuff that we’ve seen before.  Good luck…

Bryan is, and ever-has-been, as near to a real-life facsimile of Ted Mosby as you can get.

We were both enjoying trying out Instagram on Android last week, then they up and sell to Facebook.  The jury is out on how this effects our use of the service.

Take 40 minutes, and have yourself a chuckle.



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  1. The Bushwackers. I so want to go to town on you lads. Jake “the Snake” Roberts. I would school the both of you on this topic.

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