Bocko and BryGuy April 18, 2012 Jason Bock No comments

Bocko & BryGuy #81: I Might Have a Problem

Bryan had a chance to take in Hunger Games this weekend, and while I did not, Netflix was my path to a couple fresh offerings.  The movie Timer was just OK, and the British period drama Downton Abbey *should* be really boring.  It SOOO should.  But it’s not, at all.  Is it me?  Is it something in the water?  Are they dropping subliminal messages in that program to make you keep watching?  What IS it??

Bryan gives me a quick review of this week’s The Killing, which I guess I will go ahead and watch, if things are starting to happen again.

Musically, neither one of us have much going on for the time being, but Bryan’s been listening to a lot of Prince.  And I have to agree with him: “Extraloveable” sounds a lot more like the old-school Prince we remember from our youth…

Enjoy the show!