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Bocko & BryGuy #85: The Happiest Days of Our Lives

This week’s episode is entirely devoted to a talk about Pink Floyd’s The Wall.  We get into the album, the movie, as well as Roger Waters’ current live tour, which Bryan will have the chance the experience live on June 3rd at the Xcel Energy Center in Saint Paul.

Bryan and I welcome Josh back to the show, in his first appearance since the Walking Dead finale.  We have an enjoyable discussion about our respective initial experiences with the album and the band, and offer up some critiques and a couple insights along the way.

If you haven’t listened to The Wall in a while, maybe it’ll prompt you to pick it up again.  This is the first time that the podcast is available in multiple formats — the audio-only version embedded below, or the video at the top, via YouTube.  If you choose to watch the video, you’ll notice a little bit of an echo effect when Bryan and Josh talk; it’s a technical thing that we’ll work out from future shows, so bear with us there. The audio-only file is clean, though, so enjoy!



One thought on “Bocko & BryGuy #85: The Happiest Days of Our Lives

  1. Watched the Live 8 video that Josh sent the link for, too: It was great. But, you only have to see the end of the performance to know why a full-fledged reunion will never happen… after just 20 minutes on stage together, Dave can’t get away from Roger fast enough. And after they grudgingly pose together for a photo, Roger leaves the stage alone while the other three walk off together. Ouch.

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