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Bocko & BryGuy #89: Bad Guys

I went to see the latest Batman installment, The Dark Knight Rises, last week Friday.  We really can’t talk about the opening of this movie without discussing the tragic killings associated with it in Colorado, or the lunatic perpetrator of those crimes.  Plenty of other outlets cover the news side of that story much better than a couple geeky podcasters ever could, so we’re not going to try.  Still, Bryan and I hope that in the days that will follow, as we learn more about the perp and what led him to this act, that both the media and the public at large are able to separate the act of a clearly disturbed or insane individual from his professed inspiration in the pages of Batman comic books (he has claimed to be the Joker).  To paraphrase the NRA, comics don’t kill people.

Elsewhere, we’re tracking the story of a 100% fictional bad guy in the person of Walter White on Breaking Bad.  Bryan and I discuss this week’s episode…

Some other summer viewing that we haven’t had a chance to review up to this point is the third season of Louie.  Louie CK’s title character is the opposite of a bad guy, and we’re both really enjoying the new season.

Finally, summer is always a good time to get some reading in, and Bryan is jumping in to some classic sci-fi.  We toss around a few titles you might want to consider for yourself.