Bocko & BryGuy Summertime Special #1: A Police Reunion

Last summer about this time, I was visiting the Twin Cities for some time with my friend Josh (co-host of the Drama Jocks’ show) and a look at the then-brand-new Minnesota Twins baseball park.  Like a slave-driving prick, I asked Bryan to record a podcast “on [his] own,” and send it to me by email, since I expected to be unable to record, yet still able to edit, from my remote location.

I never edited that little podcast together, and it never hit the tubes.  Until now.  So kick back, relax, and enjoy a brief tale of Bryan’s even briefer brush with fame during his time in residence at Cheapo Records.


(PS – There’s a scary part right at the beginning where you might not be sure that Bryan is going to make it through this podcast alive, but remember that it actually happened a year ago, so he must be just fine.)


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