Bocko and BryGuy April 18, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

Daredevil Commentary Special

Photo by: JD Hancock

We’ve got something a little different and special for you this weekend — not a podcast, but an audio track to accompany some TV watching.

If you listen to this show and/or are a nerd, you’re well-aware of the Marvel series Daredevil recently premiering on Netflix back on April 10.  The attached audio file lets you watch the first episode along with me and BryGuy (in a virtual sense).  Queue up the episode and pause it at 0:06 (just as the Marvel logo pops up).  Wait for my signal in the audio file, then let it fly!  We should be in sync for the duration of the episode.

Let us know what you think — of the show, and the commentary track.  Give us a call at 608-301-JBKO (5256) and leave a message.

Have a great weekend, and enjoy!